Activities 2014-15

Best out of Waste

The purpose of this competition is to bring out their talent and give a shape to the waste materials in their house.



Arround 75 students participated actively in the competition. This provided a challenge to their imagination and creativity. Students were advised to do such useful, attractive things and present it as gifts.

Word Building

Word Building Competition was held on 21st july 2014 for standard fifth to seventh in which more than 300 students took part. Through this activity following objectives were achieved:-

1) To understand the meaning of a word in the given context.

2) To frame sensible sentence.

3) To memorize the spellings.

4) To increase the vocabulary capicity

Group Singing

Students of Std 5th & 7th Participated in group singing competition and shown their rhythemic tune by singing the latest songs and bagged first prize.


Recitation Competition-Hindi, Marathi, English, Kannada

Students from std 5th to 7th Participated in this competition. Students recited the poem with proper Pronounciation, Voice Modulation and Expression.



Students of standard 5-7 actively participated in the competition. Material required for the competition not only consisted of colours but also waste materials like saw dust, petals of flowers, dry leaves, paper crumplings, salt and so on. They draw geometrical designs, traditional way of putting rangoli, Sanskar Bharati, Cartoons Charecters and lot many creative designs making the competiion a success. Students were inspired and motivated by the teachers.

Salad Dressing

Children are creative by nature. They have a great imagination power. To enhance this imaginative ability and creativity a 'Salad Dressing' competition was organised for the students of std V to VII on 32rd August, 2014.

More than 100 students participated in it. It was a great sight to see crocodiles made out if bitter gourds, coconut trees frono, bananas, a lorrd ganesha made out of a water melon and many more. Students enthusiastically participated in the competition and later on they were asked to ear the same.

General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge is a very importance aspects of human life. If we don't  know a little about a lot of things going around us or in general things that happened, than we really don't make ourselves a part of some healthy discussion. Hence to enable the students understand the importance of General Knowldge, A Quiz was conducted on 12th september 2014 by the teachers. About 50 Students participated in the competition. After the competition students realized that lack of General Knowledge affects decision making and have to rely on advice of the other people. They also realised that an individual who is well aware with current affairs and facts about the world is called an intellectual.

Greeting Card Making

This competition was organized was organized for std 5-7. All the students activity participated in this competition. Children collected all the creative material available in the house and made creative and beautiful greeting cards out of it.

Memory Test

Memory is essential to be the faculty by which the mind stones and remembers infornation. It is something remembered from the past. Hence to emphasize on the memory ability of students, 'Memory Test' was conducted by the teachers on 24th september 2014. About 200 students participated in the competition. Students were asked to memorize numbers of objects placed in front of them for one minute and then were asked to recall and memorize the things and hence understood the importance of 'Memorizing'.

Essay Writing 

Essay writing competition was conducted on 5th December 2014 by the teachers to make the students understand about the importance of creative writing and helping them to develop their own powers of expression, empathy and critical thinking. About 60 students participated in the competition. After the competition students were able to recognise their excellence writing.

Fancy Dress 

Role Planning is one of the most important tools of learning. Keeping this in view, we at NKES conducted the fancy dress competition for the children from classes 5-7. About 80-90 students participated in the competition. The purpose conducting the competition was not only to blend learning with fun but also to develop confidence in the students by giving them an opportunity to get on the stage and speak in front of the audience.


Alongwith all these co-curricular activities are more S.S.A. based Very Important activity is run throughout the year. i.e. 'Meena -Raju Munch' through which teachers tries to make the awareness amoung the students regarding...

  • Gender Equality.
  • Importance of Personal Cleanliness, Social Cleanliness and Environment Cleanliness.
  • Personality Development.

School Picnic

On 3rd January 2015. i.e. sarurday, Picnic was oraganized for the students of Secondary Section to GREAT ESCAPE WATER PARK at Virar. Students of std 5th to 8th and 10th standard joinded and enjoyed the picnic. Students left for the at 8:30 am and reached the spot by 10:30 am. Total 552 students along  with 30 teachers joinded the picnic, 9 buses were arranged for the picnic. All the students reached back to school by 6:15 pm.