Annual Report CCDC 2015-16



Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to transform the society and aid towards its betterment. So our Pre-primary education provides for the optimal development of children during their pre-school years.

Educators and psychologists have agreed that more learning takes place during the first five years.

Young children are born explorers.  They love to move about and use their senses & their hands to discover the world around them.  Our Kindergarten section has rightly recognizes this innate quality & has developed a programme that fits aptly, optimizing this wonderful quality.

Education is all about developing every individual in social & intellectual skills, as well as emotional intelligence. We believe that it is our responsibility to tap the individual potential of every child.  All our activities are carefully designed to ensure equal participation and academic inclusion.

Children enjoy creativity. They get attracted to colours. They enjoy scribbling with colourful crayons. Our worksheets are designed with the purpose to make education informative, meaningful & enjoyable.

Also introducing writing must be done meticulously.

Picture talk help these children to learn new words, enhance their observation power.

Colour competition.                        

Sport :-Sports were conducted in the month of Jan. 2016   

Fancy dress competition was organized in the month of Feb. 2016.

Christmas party was organized on 23rd Dec. 2015          

Picnic was organized in the month of January 2016 at Patvardhan garden.

 Annual day programme and prize distribution in the month of Feb. 2016.

Pre Primary – staff

  1. Smt. Geeta Borkar        -  MA –(Diploma in Pre-Primary Tr Training )
  2. Smt. Sudha Shetty        -  HSC –(Diploma in Pre-Primary Tr Training )
  3. Smt. Devendra Matta    -  B. A B.Ed. ( D.C.Ed.) ( Part time)
  4. Smt. Marry Gabriel        -  B.A. D.C.Ed.
  5. Smt. Lalita Adepu         -  B.Com, D.C.Ed.
  6. Smt. Pushpa Badade  -  B.A  - Clerk
  7. Smt.  Nagarmma          -  Class IV
  8. Smt. Latha Bhalerao    -  Class IV


Smt. GeetaBorkar