Annual Report Primary Section-2015-16

   N.K.E.S. Primary School

Annual Report 2015-16


  “Learning gives creativity,

    Creativity leads to thinking

         Thinking leads to Knowledge

            Knowledge makes you great.”

  • A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.                      


With this thought in mind we began the academic year resolving to impart creative knowledge and value based education. Our commitment has been to ensure the overall holistic development of our students in addition to our efforts to impart quality education.

            Every year we set ourselves a goal and all our activities are aligned and focussed towards accomplishing this goal.  This year our goal was learning beyond the books and class room. So we had planned various activities to achieve this. To give more exposure about our surroundings to the students we arranged field trips for the first time. Std I, II & III were taken to Five Gardens and Std – IV to Wadala Post Office. Every month colour day was celebrated to make the children acquainted with colour concept. Assembly was held weekly to enrich the students with knowledge and value based education and to inculcate team spirit.  Every month student from every class was selected and presented a badge for maintaining discipline, punctuality cleanliness, etc. This is being followed to motivate and encourage students.

            This year we have introduced RFD Identity cards for the students and staff as well.  The system is to update the parents about their wards attendance in the school.  This would help the school and parents to monitor the student’s presence in the school.

            We at NKES provide ample opportunities for our students to help them build confidence and to showcase their potential.  Children enthusiastically participated and won prizes in various competitions held throughout the year in the School such as, general knowledge, Spell – bee, Fancy dress, quiz, elocution, storytelling, recitation, drawing, etc. Our students and staff also participated in various Inter School competitions and brought accolades to our esteemed institution.

            All the festivals were celebrated creating a festive spirit and communal harmony among the students.

            In the academic front, the syllabus of Std I & II were modified based on CCE and weekly review has been conducted.  Due to this the weight of the school bag has been reduced and children were made to bring small bags.

            PTA meeting has been regularly conducted to review the activities and seek the parent’s participation and feedback about our activities.

            I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to our Management for their steady and wholehearted continuous support and guidance.

            Also I thank the staff – teaching and non teaching for their dedication and commitment which are the key factors of our success and achievement.


Last but not the least we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our parents, donors and well wishers for their continuous support and co-operation that enable us to move forward with confidence.

            We take this opportunity to commit ourselves to provide relevant and quality education and to take our esteemed institution to a new height.


Smt. Renis Valentina I.

(Head Teacher)