Co curricular Activities Std. V to X

Co – curricular activities (2016-17) Std 8th to 10th


1.Elocution (17th August 2016)- Elocution competition was held in the NKES premises on 17th Aug 2016 in English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.  Students also participated in large number in the competition organized by the Forum of Free Enterprises with lot of enthusiasm.

Name of the event Date In charge Teachers Winners
Elocution (English) 17/08/2016

Smt. Amita Poojary

Smt. Priya Pillai

1. Khan Afreen

2. Shaikh Adeeba

3. Gowada Arun

Elocution (Hindi) 17/08/2016

Smt. Aparna Mokal

Smt. Kanchan Kosti

1.Patel Geeta

2.Sharma Kajal

3.Sharma Lovely

Elocution (Marathi) 17/08/2016

Smt.Kanchan Kosti 

Smt. Shubangi Kshirsgar

1.Satle Kritika

2.Gaikawad Aditi

3.Shardul Prachi



2. Declamation (31st Aug 2016) English declamation was organized during the school hour for the students of 8th,9th and 10th standard on 31st Aug 2016 A large number of students participated in this competition.

Name of the event Date In charge Teachers Winners
Declamation 01/09/2016

Smt. Suvarnalatha Salimath

Smt. Amita Poojary

1.Gaikawad Aditi

2.Pangrahi Hitesh

3.Pujari Akshata

3.Khode Priyanka

Con Panigrahi Mamta


3. Essay writing (3rd Sept 2016 )to enable the  creative writing and critical thinking the essay competition was conducted during the school hour in English ,Hindi, Marathi and Kannada.

Name of the event Date In charge Teachers Winers
Easy competition(English) 14/09/2016

Smt. Amita Poojary

Smt. Priya Pillai

1.Priyanka Khodode

2.Kshitij Singh

Essay competition (Marathi) 14/09/2016

Smt. Shubangi Kshirsagar

Smt. Kanchan Kosti

1.Khodade Priyanka

2. Panchi Afifa

Essay competition (Hindi) 14/09/2016

Smt. Aparna Mokal

Smt. Kanchan Kosti

1. Vanahalli Pradeep

2. Gowada Mahalaxmi

3.Varma Shivam

Con. Naik Kiran


4. Memory test (21st sept 2016) It  was organized to improve the IQ level and their speed in thinking.

Name of the event Date In charge Teachers Winners
Memory Test 21/09/2016

Shei. Ramacharya

Smt. Priya Pillai

1. Yadav Shubham

2. Chavan Bhavesh

3. Hamdare Sanfatema


5. Quiz (5th Oct 2016)-To build up the general knowledge of the students and to make them more aware of their surrounding and the world this competition was organized.

Name of the event Date In charge Teachers Winners
Quiz 04/10/2016

Shri. Dayanand Poojary

Smt. Floora .M

1.Tiwari Satyam

2.Patel Geeta

3.Singh Awanish


6. Sudoku competition (12th Oct 2016)  Sudoku competition was held for the students of 8th,9th and 10th to increase their thinking ability and their caliber on speed.

Name of the event Date in Charge Teachers Winners
Sudoku competition 12/10/2016

Smt. Kanchan Kosti

Smt. Survaralatha Salimath

1. Aasha Khajahussain K.


7. Rubic cube (30th Nov 2016)To increase the mental gaiety and caliber and speed  Rubic Cube competition  was conducted


8. solo singing ( 14thDec 2016) Solo singing competition was conducted at the auditorium of  NKES on 14th Dec 2016, many children participated in the solo singing competition.







MONTH TOPIC COMPETITION TEACHER'S                                                        IN-CHARGE
August / September *Literary Activities 1)  Recitation English Smt. Jayashree
Smt. Vidya
Marathi Smt. Mansi
Smt. Rajashree
Hindi Smt. Gayatri
Shri. Amrish P.
2)  Story telling  English Smt. Urmila
Smt. Ratnavati
Marathi Smt. Rajashree
Smt. Shakuntala
Hindi Smt. Gayatri
Smt. Mansi
3)  Elocution Smt. Jyoti
Ms. Preeti
 November Cultural Activities       14th Nov. 1)  Solo Singing Smt. Gayatri
Shri. Sachin
2)  Group Singing Smt. Vidya
Shri. Sachin
3)  Fancy Dress                         (Theme Based) Ms. Preeti
Smt. Prapti
Smt. Urmila
Smt. Jyoti
October / November * Mental Ability 1)  Memory Test Smt. Vidya
Smt. Rajashree
2)  G.K. Competition Shri. Shivaji
Smt. Jyoti
December / January * Creativity 1)  Mehandi Competition Smt. Shakuntala
Smt. Ratnavati
2)  Rangoli Competition  Smt. Mansi
Smt. Urmila
3)  Poster Competition -            "Swacch Shala, Swacch Bharat" Shri. Sannamane
Smt. Jayashree
4)  Collage Competition Shri. Sannamane
Shri. Shivaji
5)  Pot Painting Smt. Prapti
Smt. Jayashree
6)  Salad Dressing Smt. Shakuntala
Smt. Jayashree
7)  Greeting Card Competition  Smt. Prapti
Shri. Sannamane
8)  Fabric Painting Smt. Ratnavati
Ms. Preeti