Friday Fest 2021


We have almost reached to the end of this academic year. This academic year will always be remembered for the unprecedented kind of online classes. All the teachers could finish teaching the syllabus of their respective subjects because of the virtual platform. Although the online classes went on smoothly, there was something missing. And that ‘something’ is nothing but the extra-curricular activities. In the beginning of the academic year the more priority was givento the academics as it was the first time that the teaching was done online. But now as all the teachers have nicely dealt with the syllabi, it’s the time to focus more on the extra-curricular activities. These types of activities help students to develop their all-round personality. These activities foster the creativity, imagination and the skill of presenting their ideas, thoughts and perceptions.They also reduce the stress and tension of studies from the students minds and make the studies more enjoyable for the students. Therefore, our principal madam thought of the concept of “Friday-Fest”. The objective of “Friday-Fest” is to provide students with an opportunity and space to showcase their talents and to try and develop creativity, critical thinking and imagination in them. In other words, “Friday-Fest” will pave the path for students to express themselves.  Events like Reel and Video making, Poster making, Mahendi and Tatoo making, Open Mic (composing & reciting poems), Blog Writing Competition, Storytelling Competition, Creative writing, Mono acting, Book Review competition, Film Review competition, Webinar on the Competitive exams, Debate, Quiz Competition, Singing Competition, Comedy, Mim making competition, Beat boxing competition and Shero- shayari etc. are going to be conducted.