Primary School Activities

Grand Parents Day : -

   Grandparents are the senior members of our family. They support, guide , motivate and encourage us in the daily affairs of the family especially small kids. In order to honour and to show our love and respect for them we celebrated Grandparents Day . The grandparents gathered in large numbers and were in tears when their grandchildren showered their affection on them. It was a day to remember for each and everyone present.




Rakshabandhan :-

     The students and staff of NKES Primary School celebrated Rakshabandhan in a unique way. We visited the orphanage for children in Matunga and tied rakhiis for the boys and distributed sweets, notebooks, Pens and pencils to them. It was a pleasant surprise for the Children in the orphanage to see the First Std kids of NKES.   We also visited the Matunga Police station and tied rakhis to the  men in Uniform and distributed sweets, Thus it was a day of Great joy and fun.





Gokulashtami :-

   It was celebrated on 24th August,2016. Children were dressed up as Radhas & Krishnas and played to the tune of music.  Then they also broke the Dahi – Handi.  The Children & staff enjoyed their fullest.




Activities for the year – 2014-2015

1.   Re- opening Day: - The School re-opened on 16th June. It was a day of great enthusiasm for the students. We created a cordial atmosphere by welcoming the students with flowers and sweets.The Vice-President of PTA Smt.Suman Mohite distributed the Text books to all Students. Students were Very happy. Thus it was a day to remember.

2.   Orientation Progarmme: - We conducted the orientation programme on 21st June 2014. Parents assembled in the classrooms at 10.00 a.m. The member of our School Management Dr. B.R. Manjunath addressed the parents of each class. He instructed the parents not to cross the railway track while bringing the children to school. He also briefed the general rules and regulations of the school.


3.   Grand Parents’ Day:- On the occasion of Gurupournima which falls on 12th July 2014, Grand Parents’ Day was celebrated. It was celebrated as a mark of respect and love for our grandparents. Grandparents are the most important members of our family. They impart moral Values to our children.

4.   Van Mahostav :- On 18th July 2014, we organized Van Mahostav to value mother nature. With a view to create love for plants among children and awareness about preserving the vegetation as well, we observed Van Mahostav. We planted saplings and taught them to take care of the plants.

5.   Christmas :- Christmas was celebrated on 23rd Section with great fun and fervour December 2014 by Primary
6. Raksha Bandhan :-The students of NKES Primary School, Wadala celebrated Raksha Bandhan on 28th August, 2015 in a unique way. As part of the celebration a group of students led by their teachers visited Matunga Police Station. They exchanged greetings, tied rachis and distributed sweet to the police personnel. The Policemen and officers were really touched by the  gesture shown by the kids and the school. This was an initiatiative to emphasis harmony  bond and love to express their love for the  police force since they play an integral part of our  safety and protection.  
It was a memorable and wonderful day as the kids enjoyed being interacted with the policemen together with their teachers.
7. Celebration of world peace day by NKES Primary Students on 21.09.2015