Admissions to Primary


  1. New admissions are subject to vacancies and as per RTE Act – 2009.
  2. Admissions are on first come first serve basis, preference will be given for the Kanadigas.
  3. Parents seeking admission for their ward in Std. I must submit original  Birth Certificate from the Municipal Authority or relevant Government  Panchayat Authority
  4. Original Birth Certificate will be retained with the school as per departmental norms.
  5. Parents and guardians seeking admission should fill in the prescribed form of application giving all the particulars of the student.
  6. A Student seeking admission into Std. I, must have completed 6 years of age as per norms.


  1. If the student desires to leave the school, written notice should be  given in the prescribed form and the fees for the whole month should be paid.
  2. Under normal circumstances Leaving Certificate will be issued on written application duly signed by both the parents.  It must be applied for, as soon as     the student wishes to leave the school.  The same will be issued 8 days after   the receipt of the application or the day of leaving the school, whichever is later.
  3. Leaving Certificates will be issued after clearing all dues.



  1. Regular attendance is essential.
  2. Re-opening day and the last working day attendance is compulsory.
  3. If the student remains absent a note in the handbook (3 days) and an application (more than 3 days) should be sent to the school authorities without fail.
  4. If the student is going to be absent due to illness for more than a week, the Head Mistress must be informed in writing along with a medical certificate within two days.
  5. A student suffering from an infectious disease should not be sent to the school during the regular working days or during the examination.  A medical certificate certifying that the student is free from infection should be submitted when he/she rejoins the school after such illness.  However the decision of the Headmistress will be final in such cases.


  1. Leaving Certificate or any other certificate will not be issued without written application from the Parent/Guardian.
  2. A fee of Rs. 100 will be charged for the issue of a duplicate Leaving Certificate.
  3. A fee of Rs. 25 will be charged for the issue of any certificate pertaining to  Date of Birth or any extract from school records.
  4. Any certificate will be issued within 7 days from the date of receipt of application.
  5. Leaving Certificate will be issued only on production of latest progress report, and clearing of dues.


  1. The value such as equality, social justice, democratic, establishment of humanity in society is the objective of Primary Education.
  2. Progress of the student shall be evaluated through the continuous & comprehensive evaluation based on learning and behavioral outcome of the students.  This will be done through formative & summative evaluation.


  1. Prize and Merit Certificates are awarded to those students with 1st rank in                   each class on the basis of Annual Examination result.
  2. A few students are considered for School Free ship, Uniform and Books are given by the management on the basis of poverty and merit.
  3. Parents shall be communicated about their ward performance through the progress report and during the parents teacher meet.


  1. Take effective and necessary steps in case their ward is found to be weak in  any subject or his/her conduct and general behavior as reported by the school authorities is unsatisfactory.
  2. Students are encouraged to take part in the activities.  Parents are requested to see that their wards do not miss these opportunities given to them.
  3. Sign the remarks given in the handbook without fail.
  4. Inculcate the habits of personal cleanliness and hygiene in the pupil.
  5. Check various details relating to the pupil, recorded in his/her Handbook regularly.
  6. Insist on the pupil completing and keeping his books, notebooks and handbook clean and neat.
  7. See the school authorities on the given date and time whenever intimated.
  8. Follow the visiting hour strictly.
  9. Follow the rules and regulations laid down by the school.
  10. Parents must intimate the school authorities immediately if there is change in the residential address.
  11. Students should not bring to school any metallic educational tools, objects.  All such tools should be in plastic or wood.
  12. Attendance at school functions e.g. Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Sport’s Day, Independence & Republic Days etc. is very essential.
  13. Apart from academic excellence parents co-operation is sought in helping to inculcate in children, moral values of faith and trust in God, honesty, respect for self and generosity and selfless service to the less fortunate.