NKES CCDC Janmashtami Celebration 2021

NKES KG section celebrated Janmashtami in a virtual session with great enthusiasm and fun on 30th August. To mark this occasion the Students were asked to dress in the attires of Lord Krishna and Radha. The KG section teachers narrated story of Lord Krishna and explained why and how this festival is celebrated. Teachers even explained students Makkan (butter),milk and curd are food items offered to Lord Krishna during Janmashtami as it is said to be his favourite food items. Teachers even explained students that Janmashtami is celebrated by decorating Cradle with flowers and fruits and offering haldi kumkum flowers to Lord Krishna Idol. Teachers showed Flute and explained students that flute is the favourite musical instrument of Lord Krishna.All KG section  teachers also showed and explained students how Dahi Handi is celebrated in groups. Teachers and students sang Krishna songs like " Come here my dear Krishna Kanhaiya" and " Achutam keshavam " with full excitement. All KG section students even did colourful activities. SrKG class students made a nice Dahi Handi drawing and also coloured and decorated pictures of Lord Krishna and Matki(Pot). JrKG class students and Nursery kids coloured and decorated Matki (Pot).  Many students performed dance on Krishna songs during online session. The day ended with lots of memories.