NKES CCDC Green Day celebration

The KG section of NKES celebrated Green Day on 30th September in an instructive way where the child learnt about the importance of green colour. Attractive charts , activities and drawings were displayed on the walls.  All the teachers and students were dressed in green attires . The shades of green filled the air with freshness and bliss. Teachers showed and explained different green colour objects including eatables. Many activities were made by KG students. There were active involvement of Nursery kids in making Paper Parrot. Nursery kids also coloured green colour fruits and vegetables. JrKG students actively participated in Palm Painting Tree activity. SrKG students enthusiastically participated in Thumb Painting Tree activity. SrKG students enjoyed "Seed Germination " activity as a part of their Experiential Learning.Students were told about the essential things needed for the growth of the plants. "Germination of Seeds project activity was an enriching experience for the kids.
Green Day celebration was really memorable.