The KG section of NKES celebrated virtual FRUIT SALAD DAY on 1st October with lots of enthusiasm, zeal and excitement. The objective of celebrating Fruit Salad Day was helping students understand the importance of healthy food that are Fruits. Teachers started the celebration with prayer and shlokas. One by one teachers showed different types of fruits to students. She explained the importance of fruits and also gave Information about fruits and it's uses for making juice, ice-creams, milkshakes, cakes, jam and jellies. Sr KG and Jr KG made fruit basket with different cut out of fruits. Nursery made beautiful drawing of fruits with their tiny hands. Teacher decorated Fruit Salad plate  followed by srkg and jrkg students. Through online session teacher displayed her Fruit Salad plate and showed different fruits which were decorated in her plate and also explained the importance of fruits. Both SrKG section students and JrKG section students participated actively on this day. All students decorated Fruit Salad plate by different design like coconut tree, crab and flower designs. Teacher and students enjoyed relishing fruits. During Nursery virtual Fruit Salad Day celebration teacher chopped varieties of fruits and decorated the plate. Parents of Nursery section participated actively by chopping fruits and decorating Fruit Salad plate. Teacher explained importance of fruits to students and ate fruits along with students. Entire Fruit Salad Day celebration was superb.