General Rules

General Rules Secondary Section:


In the child’s future interest, it is very essential for him/her to imbibe self-discipline. The teacher will take adequate, corrective measures to ensure general discipline of the class under him/her. The teacher’s efforts will work only with adequate of the class under him/her. The teacher’s efforts will work only with adequate positive inputs from the parents.


  1. All the pupils should be fully aware of their personal hygiene.

  2. Pupils shall value cleanliness on priority.

  3. Pupils must wear neat and clean uniform, clean shoes and socks or sandals.

  4. A clean and healthy environment will nurture a clean and healthy mind, so it is necessary to keep the surroundings clean.



  1. The regular attendance of the child in the classes is obligatory.

  2. Attendance on the re-opening day is compulsory.

  3. Pupils shall be in school five minutes before the first bell.

  4. A great stress is laid on punctuality.

  5. Late comers are liable to be sent home at parents’ own risk.

  6. New admissions are liable to lose their seats if they fail to report within a week from the date of school opening.



  1. Attendance on the re-opening day and the last working day of the term is mandatory.

  2. Leave of absence shall be granted for valid reasons only on prior written application from the parents.

  3. Pupils, suffering from any contagious disease shall not attend school without doctor’s medical fitness certificate. In such cases parents shall submit an application to the Principal through the Grade Teacher within two days.

  4. Pupils shall not attend school if they are suffering from any contagious disease. They will be sent home if they report before the quarantine period is over.

  5. Quarantine period for the following diseases would be:-

a) Chicken Pox : All lesions have crusted

b) Measles : For 3 days after rash disappears

c) Mumps : For 9 days after onset of swelling

d) Jaundice : Till full recovery duly certified by the physician.

9. Long leave for reasons other than medical, prior permission will have to be taken.

10. Attendance for all school functions is compulsory.

11. Leave letters are to be addressed to the Principal and forwarded either through the Class Teacher or the School Office.



  1. Boys VIII to X - Airforce Blue full pant ,Shirt with front cover


  1. Girls VIII to X - Airforce blue front cover tunic with box pleat shirt with full sleeves

P.T. Uniform - 

Boys V to VII - White half pant with House wise T Shirt

Boys VIII to X - White full pant with House wise T Shirt

Girls V to X - House wise colour skirt with box pleated White Tshirt  

(Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)