Admissions to Secondary

  1. New admissions are subject to vacancies. No correspondence shall be entertained in this regard.

  1. The Management has the right to admit or refuse admissions.

  2. Parents seeking admission for their ward in Grade I shall produce the original Birth Certificate of their ward from the competitive civic authority.

  3. Parents seeking admission for their ward in Grade II and above shall submit the Original School Leave Certificate.

  4. Pupils studying in other districts/states shall get the School Leaving Certificate countersigned from the competitive authority from the Education Department of that State.

  5. Parents shall submit the copy of their ward‘s Progress Report during admission.



  1. In case of withdrawing the School Leaving Certificate of pupils, parents shall submit a written application to the Principal on the prescribed form attached in the school almanac with a clear calendar month’s notice.

  2. Parents shall clear all dues before applying for the School Leaving Certificate.