Holi celebration : NKES CCDC

NKES CCDC celebrated Holi on 6th March in the school auditorium. Children were made to be aware of not to waste water. Students were also told about the story of Prahlad who loved God and whose aunt was Holika. Nursery toddlers were busy in Blow painting activity, JrKG kids excitedly made Tie Dye activity on their handkerchieves and SrKG students happily coloured Holi worksheets. SrKG students got varieties of sweets. All the students and teachers felt the joy of vibrant colours applied on them. All the students danced with excitement on Holi songs. The celebration was full of joy and laughter. It was a great experience for everyone as Holi signifies coming together. All the students of KG section would remember the day spent cheerfully and left the school with joyous colourful memories.