N.K.E.S Pro Kabaddi League 2023-24

Kabaddi is one of the oldest and most popular games in India. N.K.E.S Pro Kabaddi League has been first credited in the history of N.K.E.S Jr. College with having helped to popularise kabaddi as a competitive sport with the first organized competitions of kabaddi with the support & encouragement from N.K.E.S society’s President Shri. Parthasarathi Naik. The kabaddi league was abuzz with excitement as we all eagerly awaited for the commencement of the N.K.E.S Pro Kabaddi League 2023-24, under 17 (Boys)

It was organized by our esteemed institution of N.K.E.S Jr. College of Arts, Science and Commerce. This event was a celebration of sportsmanship, teamwork and athleticism. It brought together the students from various backgrounds with different skill levels to showcase their kabaddi prowess. This event was not just a competition, but was an embodiment of our college spirit. The tournament was scheduled to take place over 3 action-packed days dated October16 th , 17 th and 18 th 2023 at our college playground. The planning of the pro - kabaddi league was initiated by our Jr. College staff Prof. Dr. Sanjaya Gupta and Prof. Dr. Pappu Doshi along with the support of our N.K.E.S management and our Principal Mrs. Uma Maheswari and Strategic Advisor Mrs. Saroja Rao and other Jr. College staff. The theme of the event was 'Apni Mithi Apna Khel'. Initially at the preparation stage, selecting 30 volunteers from our 11 th standard Jr. College, the invitation card and the entry forms were primary tasks for the Jr. College. They prepared the invitation and had to be send to 63 Schools to be the participant of pro - kabaddi league event out of which we had 45 Schools finally participated in this tournament. The participant's list was prepared and the draw was done by the Mumbai Kabaddi Association and finalised on 14th October, 2023.


The principal and the management of our college also decided to present our 30 volunteers with a T-shirt especially for the kabaddi league event after seeing the dedication and tremendous efforts put in by each & every volunteer. We also had arranged 10 referees from DSO for 3 days as the final decision makers, the ultimate power stands in the referee hand to warn, declare points against or disqualify a participant from the match. We also had umpire, scorer and Asst. scorers for the event.


On the first day of the kabaddi match which started on 16 th October, our President, Management members, our Principal welcomed our chief guests Sir Jaya Shetty & Shri. Pratap Shetty who did the opening ceremony of the ground before we could commence with the matches, on the first day, we had 4 teams who had qualified themselves for finals and semi-finals out of 22 Schools. Day 2 nd which is 17 th October 2023, where we had again 22 Schools playing and out of which 4 teams were selected. The chief guest for the day was Shri. Indrajeet More,Sr. Police Inspector for the Mumbai police team and Kum. Pushpa Daware, coach of Central Railway women’s kabaddi team.

Final day of our Pro Kabaddi League, on 18 th October 2023, we had 8 teams for the semi- finals and finals. The Guest for the final day of the match was Ms. Yogita Poojary, a National player of Kabaddi. She has received twice Ashwamegh Award and was a MKL Women Pro-Kabaddi player. Mr. Satesh Shinde- Treasurer of the Secondary School Credit Society, NCC officer of Maharashtra battalion & Vice-principal of SKP School, Kurla and Mr. Chandrakant Patil, Chairman of Secondary School Credit Society, has also received Aadarsh Shikshak award of Maharashtra government and President of P. E association, Mumbai and Mr. Subhash Shiriya Reporter from Uday Vani newspaper and Mr. Shri Sachin Ayre, President of Ayre foundation, Mumbai, were welcomed by our Principal, President and management members. Finally, we had the winning team for Pro Kabaddi League-Season 1 as Sane Guruji English High School, Dadar followed by the Runner up-1 as Sion Secondary BMC High School, Sion and Runner up-2 - Chembur Karnataka English High school, Chembur. 

At the end, we would like to conclude that kabaddi league was an encouragement of strength, development of confidence, concentration and tolerance among the players. N.K.E.S Jr. College celebrated the true spirit and heritage of the kabaddi sport by organizing this kabaddi tournament.



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