NKES CCDC Navratri celebration

The KG section of NKES celebrated Navratri on 27th September. All the KG section girls were dressed in the colourful "Ghagra Cholis " and boys were dressed in the beautiful "Kurta Pajamas ". Songs were played by teachers. All the students along with their teachers danced on Garbha songs. The essence of the festivity was truly felt and celebrated by all in the true spirit of oneness. Different creative activities were made by KG students. Nursery kids were busy sticking and decorating Dandiya sticks, JrKG children were happily colouring and decorating Dandiya sticks. SrKG students coloured and decorated the Dandiya Raas picture worksheet and also decorated Dandiya sticks. It was a memorable event of KG section for the learners which will be always remembered.