NKES CCDC SrKG Section Picnic

The School picnic has always been the most awaited day of the year for the kids and teachers as it helps in strengthening the bond between them. A Zoo is the perfect place to visit. The NKES school organised the SrKG section picnic to Rani Baug (Jijamata Udyan) on 10th February 2023. The kids were singing songs in the bus till they reached the zoo. Once the students reached their destination, the students were given tasty breakfast. The journey began with the teachers enlightening the students on few things they need to keep in mind while visiting the zoo. Such as always staying in group and not teasing animals. One by one student along with their teachers excitedly visited to see different animals and birds. Students saw Elephant, Hippos, Monkeys, Hyena, different kinds of Deers, Bears,Tiger, Leopards, Wolf, Penguins, different species of Birds and Tortoises. The delightful visit to the zoo came to an end. The most enjoyable time was in the play area with swings and slides. The photograph time motivated children to pose in style for the click. The students were given delicious idlis and chutneys and frootis. The picnic ended with the students leaving with a smile on their faces as they got to see and learn so many new things about the animal kingdom.