NKES CCDC Navratri Celebration

The KG section of NKES celebrated Navratri virtually on 13th October with great zeal and enthusiasm. All the Students were dressed in traditional attires. All the teachers started the virtual Navratri Celebration by prayers and Shlokas . Teachers explained students what is Navratri?  Why do we celebrate Navratri?  Whom do we pray and worship during Navratri?  Teachers also explained students the importance of worshiping (Devi Mata)
Goddess Idol during Navratri. SrKG ,JrKG and Nursery students were busy making "Dandiya" activity along with teachers . After the activity was over the parents played Garbha songs and teachers along with students played Garbha and Dandiya. The Navratri Celebration was superb and commendable