Annual Report Primary Section

NKES Primary School

Annual Report

“Education is not preparation for life

        Education is life itself.”


I take immense pleasure to present the Annual Report of our esteemed institution to apprise  how the vision and mission of NKES group of institutions have materialized positively.

Academics: - Excellence in academics is the hallmark of a good institution. We have made great effort to transform ourselves completely into the CCE format and have been extremely successful in most of our endeavous. Apart from preparing our children to quality for academic need special efforts are also made continuously to bring out their potential so as to enable them to face the challenges of the competitive world.

Activities: - By providing a conducive and encouraging ambience and environment the students are mentored to participate in a variety of intra and inter school activities and competitions. It enables them to grow in confidence and enhance their all round performance and development. Our students have garnered accolades for the school at various inter school competitions like drawing, fancy dress . story telling and recitation. We also celebrate all the festivals with great Zeal and fervor

Enrichment Programme for staff and students:- “Teachers are also learner”. Staying update is key to success in any field and it is very vital in education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshop and various training programmes. Our management takes special interest to organize various workshops to to upgrade the skill set of our teachers.

To enrich our students the “ Field Trip to  Maharashtra Nature Park has been organized. They got an opportunity to explore mother nature.

Parent Teacher Meeting and PTA:- These meetings are arranged at regular intervals to interact ,update and share the view points, ideas and thoughts as also concerns if any. Many changes have occurred and as we all know changes often bring positive results and growth. The bottom line is that we have all grown through these process and we will continue to move forward to make the institution to reach new milestone.I take this opportunity to express a heartfelt gratitude to our management for their continuous help, support and guidance.

Of course we have accomplished many wishes and goal. We still have many more to achieve.

There is a saying “together every one achieves more (team work). We, our management, staff, students and parents collaborate and strive to makes NKES soar.

Smt. Renis Valentina Irudaya

Head Teacher

Primary Section


      Events of the year


“Learning is not the product of teaching

  Learning is the product of the activity of learners.


  1. Re-opening day :-  Excitement , joy and curiosity filled the school as the students walked into the gates on the re-opening day i.e. on 12th June They received a warm welcome at the gate with flowers and sweets. Everyone was happy as to see their friends and teachers. A day of excitement for all.
  2. Grand parents day :- It was celebrated on 21st July .. The day gave us a chance to interact with an age group that is most often overlooked. Grand parents play an imperative role in the life of every child. They are the child’s support and their best friend. So it’s time to felicitate and honour the grandparents.
  3. Colour day :- The motive of celebrating colour day is to make the children aware of colour its significance and to develop fine motor skills in the students. They spent the day with utmost enjoyment.
  4. State day :- It is celebrated to make the children aware  of the  different states of India and also to make them accustomed  with the variety of culture, custom , tradition , religion , language , etc of India.
  5. Independence day :-  Independence day was celebrated with utmost patriotism. Hooriya Khan of Std III A gave a wonderful speech about the day which was appreciated by everyone. Students of Std 3rd and 4th  put up a spectacular dance performance based on the theme  patriotism..
  6. Raksha bandhan :- Rakshabandhan was celebrated on 24th August. Students of std 3 / 4 visited the Wadala police station and tied rakhi to the men in uniform. Students of Std 1 / 2 visited the School for mentally retarded children in Matunga. It was a pleasant surprise for both the schools kids. They tied rakhi and exchanged sweets.
  7. Gokulashtami :- It was celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Children dressed as Radhas and Krishnas and danced to the tune of raas garba. They also made pyramid and roke the Dahi Handi.
  8. Gandhi Jayanti :- Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated in a unique way this year. On 1st October swachhata Abhiyan was held and on 2nd October a procession of students and staff were taken in the vicinity of the school. Children of Std I to IV turned in large numbers and made the procession a huge and successful one.
  9. Reading Inspiration Day :- It was celebrated on 15th October to commemorate the birth anniversary of our late president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. It is celebrated to create a passion for reading amongst the students.
  10. MR Vaccination Camp :- The Govt of India has taken the initiative to eradicate measles and rubella diseases. The drive began by vaccinating children upto 15 years in the schools. We had the camp in our school on 10th Nov which was held successfully.
  11. Diwali :- It was celebrated on November 3rd  .  classes were decorated with lanterns and diyas. Children made rangoli outside their class and had lot of fun. They were pleasantly surprised  to see the gifts which were given to all the students. The gift were  in the form of pouches, pencil, eraser ,sharpner and ruler.
  12. Christmas :- It was celebrated on 22nd Dec,2018. Christmas carols were sung by teachers and students depicted the birth of Jesus Christ in a colourful ballet.
  13. Constitution Day :- On 26th Nov every year constitution day is celebrated to commemorate the adoption of constitution of India. On this occasion students were enlightened about Indian Constitution and its origin through PPT presentation also about Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar who is the architect of Indian constitution.


  1. Field Trip :- To Maharashtra Nature Park was arranged on 03 January for the students of Std IV. Students were thrilled to see the Soothing ambience in the park.They coud explore aot about mother nature.


  1. Sports :- Annual Sports was held on 12th January. The students of Std I to IV displayed a spectacular drill in the inauguration ceremony. The Managements presence on the occasion was a morale booster for us.


  1. Picnic :- In order to rejuvenate the mind and body of the students and staff picnic was arranged on 19th January to “ Pushkar Mela Resort”. Every one enjoyed the fullest.


  1. Republic day: - A feeling of patriotism was created amongst the students on Republic day. Students participated in the Prabhat Pheri which depicted various states of India. Students of Std III and IV performed on various patriotic songs in the ground after the flag hoisting ceremony.



  1.  Marathi Rajbhasha Divas :- This day was celebrated in order to make aware of the children the importance of Marathi also the tradition and culture of Maharashtra.


Co-curricular Activities

The capacity to learn is a gift

The ability to learn is a skill

The willingness to learn is a choice

Various competitions are held throughout the year for the students in order to showcase their potential.


  1. Story telling competition :- It was held on 27th July  Moral themes were selected for the competition Smt. Veena Joshi and Smt. Amala were the judges of the competition.
  2. Elocution Competition :-  It was held on 28th August. The topics given were
  1. My favourite festival
  2. Sport personalities
  3. Good habits


Smt. Nisha Deodhar was the judge of the competition. She was impressed with the way children spoke.

  1. Clay Modelling :- On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi Clay modeling competition was held on 12/09 students made statues of Lord Ganesha which was appreciated by every one.
  2. Quiz :- Quiz was held on 28th September for the five groups names of festivals were allotted. The participants were attire related to the  festivals. Ms Jernisha Nadar hosted the Quiz through PPT. It was full of knowledge and information.
  3. Best out of waste :- This competition was oranised on 3rd Nov. Students made various things from the waste product which were very attractive and creative like lantern , pencil holder , flower vase , wall hanging, etc.
  4. Drawing Competition :- It was held on 26th Nov. The theme given was measles / Rubella children showcased their ideas about MR , through this competition.
  5. Fancy Dress :- It was held on 8th Dec. The topics given were – Bird / Tree for Std I , Community helpers for Std II , Healthy food for Std III and Pollution for Std IV . The costumes made by the parents were excellent. It was a tough competition for the judges to judge. Smt. Rama Vasant,          Smt. Harjeet Kaur amd Shri. Shivayogi Sannamani were the judges.
  6. Rangoli :- It was held on 20th Dec. Lot of variety could be seen in this competition. Children showcased their creative through Rangoli.
  7. Spell bee : -  This competition  was held on 04/01. In order to improve their Vocabulary this competition was held.
  8. General Knowledge : -   Through this competition the students could gain lot of knowledge information.