KBD JUNIORS - NKES Mumbai Champions


NKES HIGH SCHOOL Emerges Victorious in Mumbai Championship – KBD Junior

In a spectacular display of skill, teamwork, and determination, NKES (KBD Jr.) team emerged as the champions in the highly anticipated Mumbai Championship. The intense competition witnessed schools from across the city showcasing their prowess in the ancient Indian sport of Kabaddi, but it was NKES HIGH SCHOOL that stood tall, claiming the coveted title under the supervision of Mr. Santosh Kumar Mishra and Mrs. Shakuntala Wagh the Sports Teacher of NKES and the coaches Mr. Jayesh Shigvan, Miss Mansi Hande and National player Miss. Subhada Khot. The NKES team then played the National level semifinals at Chandigarh. The entire team travelled from Mumbai to Chandigarh via flight. The event was broadcast on National sports channels viz. Star sports, Disney Hotstar.
The Journey to Victory: The journey to success was not an easy one for the young athletes. The team underwent rigorous training sessions, honing their kabaddi skills under the guidance of their dedicated coaches. Hours of practice, strategic planning, and a strong sense of camaraderie contributed to their exceptional performance on the field.
Key Matches:  our team demonstrated their dominance right from the preliminary rounds, securing convincing victories against formidable opponents. The semi-final clash tested the team's mettle as they faced a resilient rival, showcasing thrilling raids and strategic defensive moves. The nail-biting match ended in NKES's favour, propelling them to the championship showdown.
The Championship Match: The final match was a culmination of weeks of hard work and dedication. The atmosphere was electric as NKES team faced off against their opponent in a battle for supremacy. The team showcased impeccable coordination, with swift raids and solid defensive tactics. The spectators were treated to a spectacle of athleticism and skill as our team secured a decisive victory, clinching the Mumbai Championship title in the KBD Junior category.
Celebrations and Recognition: The school erupted in joy and pride as the victorious team returned, carrying the championship trophy. A grand celebration was organized to honor the players and their coaches for their outstanding achievement. The entire school community, including students, teachers, and parents, came together to applaud the young athletes for their dedication and sportsmanship.
The triumph of the NKES HIGH SCHOOL KBD Junior team in the Mumbai Championship is a testament to the school's commitment to fostering both academic excellence and sporting prowess. The victorious journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes and highlights the importance of discipline, teamwork, and perseverance in achieving success on the sports field. The entire school community congratulates the KBD Jr. team for their remarkable achievement and looks forward to more victories in the future.