Visvsvaraya Day Celebrations - Secondary

Sir M. Visvesvaraya day celebrations were conducted online for classes V to VII on September 15,
2021 from 12.30 pm to 1.40 pm.
To celebrate this day, a competition in two categories was held earlier on September 11, 2021. The
categories for the competition were : a) Project-making b) Chart preparation.
Students were asked to upload a video demonstrating the Projects and exhibiting the Charts made by
them along with Scientific explanation. The judging was done by the Teachers and the results kept
ready to be announced.
On September 15, the Principal, all the teachers, students and parents enthusiastically assembled
online through Google meet link by 12.25 pm. The programme began with a prayer by Amruta
Ghodeshwar of 7B which was followed by a warm welcome by Zeeshan Bagwan of 7B.
Sakshith Devadiga of 7C introduced Sir M. Visvesvaraya to the keen audience. This was followed by
a Power Point Presentation by Sakshi Singh of 7A who highlighted all the achievements and
contributions of Sir M.V.
Students were very eager to see the projects and charts made by the students for the exhibition. Since
students had participated in large numbers, only a selected few projects and charts could be presented
on this day.
Smt. Ratnavati Salian Teacher announced the winners of the exhibition. The Teacher congratulated
the winners and encouraged the participants.
Prize winners for Project making 
1. Vishesh Pundalik Jadhav of 7C
2. Sourabh Suresh Devadiga of 5C
3. Amankumar Avadhesh Sharma of 5B.
Consolation prize :
Tanmay Vanjare (7B), Zeeshan Bagwan of 7B.
Prize winners for Chart making
1. Trisha Ganesh Singh of 5B
2. Tanish Pradeep Dhurat of 6A
3. Bhavesh Ankush Haram of 6A.
Principal Madam, Smt. Uma Maheshwari guided and motivated the students to participate in all the
events of the year. She asked the Teachers to keep a record of the students participating in the events
so that prizes can be given to the best student of the year. Madam happily expressed her joy to
witness the enthusiasm shown by all during the event.
Shri Prakashchandra Sir helped in co-ordinating the whole event.
The Vote of thanks was given by Shri. Shivaji Salunkhe Sir who heartily thanked one and all.
The Compering of the event was done by Smt. Savita Nagananda Teacher.
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