NKES CCDC Diwali Celebration 2021-22:

The KG section of NKES celebrated Diwali on 29th  October in the school. The KG staff decorated the classroom with different Rockets, Lanterns, Diya and Toran which was given by students. All the KG teachers and other KG staff made beautiful and colourful Rangoli.As Diwali activity, students made Diwali drawing and Diya drawing and submitted to the teacher on 28th October. All the KG students were invited in the school for the Diwali Party. All the students were excited to see the school and their classrooms and were also curious to meet the teachers. Many students attended the  Diwali Party. Our NKES members of management Mrs. Padmaja Banwasi madam, Bhawani Bhargav madam, NKES principal Mrs Uma Maheshwari madam, KG section Head Mrs Saroja Rao madam and KG coordinator Mrs Vidya Shanbag madam distributed  Diwali Gifts to the students. Teachers played the songs and all the KG staff along with students participated in dance. All the students danced with great enthusiasm and excitement . All the KG students and their parents were happy when they received gifts from madam. Teachers explained students "Diwali festival is the festival of lights". The programme ended with lots of "Welcome back" sweet and good memories.