NKES CCDC Janmashtami celebration 2022

Janmashtami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Krishna. The KG section of NKES celebrated Janmashtami with great joy. The students were dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha complete with flute, peacock feathers and decorative matkas. The school premises were decorated beautifully. The KG classroom were decorated with Balloons and Matki. A lot of fun filled activities like colouring and decorating Matki ( dahi handi pot )  worksheets and sticking Dahi Handi on paper. Students along with teachers sang Achutam Keshavam song and many more Krishna songs. All the KG staff and students gathered in school auditorium and cute little Radhas and Krishnas added a traditional touch to the entire celebration when they danced to the beat of Janmashtami songs filling the air with joy and festive spirit. All the KG section enjoyed the function thoroughly.