Awareness Program - August

Awareness Program - August
Topic- Important Educational Institutions in India

The Monthly Awareness Program on ‘Important Educational Institutions in India’ was conducted on 9th August 2023. Students from Class 5 actively participated in the awareness program. They were engaged in various activities and presentations to convey the importance of education.
A short skit was performed by Ms. Sakshi Singh and Ms. Jiya Choudhari which emphasized how education plays a pivotal role in shaping one's future and contributing to society. Informative placards were made by the students about prominent educational institutions in India.
Mrs. Urmila Solanki, the teacher incharge created a comprehensive Power Point presentation that provided information about the top 10 educational institutions in India. The presentation covered their history, academic excellence, and other relevant details. The Power Point presentation was explained by Ms. Sneha Poojary of class 7th C.
The event concluded with a captivating song performance by Ms Sanskruti Bhayadekar and her group. The song celebrated the value of education and the dreams that can be achieved through learning.
As part of the program, students were encouraged to explore various career paths. They took on roles such as teachers, doctors, engineers, scientists, businessmen, chefs, and more. This interactive activity allowed them to gain insights into different professions and understand the importance of education in pursuing their aspirations.
The Program was a resounding success. It effectively conveyed the significance of education and showcased the diverse opportunities that education can unlock. The various activities, presentations, and performances left a profound impact on the participants as well as the students, fostering a greater appreciation for learning and inspiring them to aim for excellence in their academic journey.



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