Teacher Achievement - Smt Nitina Shukla at SSV Program

Smt Nitina Shukla's expertise in mathematics was sought out for the Students Science Village (SSV) program, a core initiative aimed at igniting scientific curiosity and innovation in young minds. Her participation amidst esteemed experts and dignitaries is a testament to her exceptional knowledge and dedication to fostering a love foe science among students.

Smt Nitina Shukla's contribution to the IISFgoes beyond mere participation. She actively participated in various scientific activities, sharing her knowledge and experience with fellow educators and inspiring students to persue career in STEM fields. Her enthusiasm and passion for science were evident throughout the event, making her an invaluable asset to the SSV program.

We at the National Kannada Education Society's High School & Junior College are incredibly proud of Smt Nitina Shukla's achievement. Her participation in such a prestigeous event not only showcase her individual brilliance but also reflects the excellence and dedication of our dedication of our entire institution.