NKES CCDC Ashadi Ekadashi celebration (2023-24)

"Ashadi Ekadashi " was celebrated in KG section on 28th June with full zest & fervour. All the KG students were dressed in colourful traditional attires as Warkaris. Few boys were dressed as " Lord Vitthal" & few girls were dressed as "Goddess Rukmini ". Girls carried Holy Basil saplings &  boys played the cymbals enchanting the name of    " Lord Vitthal". A "Bal Dindi" ceremony was organised by teachers & non teaching staff of KG section. All the students enthusiastically participated in a "Bal Dindi" ceremony & chanted Vitthal Vitthal Jai Hari Vitthal. The      " Vitthal Wari" was taken out by children with a small Palkhi & a photo of the Lord. The Palkhi was carried by two children while others followed. Children also sang songs like  " Ya Vitthucha, Gajar Harinamacha ,Jhenda Rovila. Programme ended with lots of beautiful memories.