Orange colour day celebration

NKES CCDC Orange colour day celebration : Orange colour day was celebrated by KG section on 17th February 2023 with zest. Orange is a dynamic colour and stimulates imagination and creativity. Our little kids and teachers were dressed in shades of orange. The classrooms were beautifully decorated with orange colour objects, balloons and toys. Students brought many objects like carrot, orange juice, orange biscuits, toy car, caps and many more things. Teachers explained students about various orange colour objects. SrKG students excitedly participated in paper sticking activity on orange fruit picture and also made carrot and orange drawing and beautifully coloured it ,while the innocent kids of JrKG and Nursery were engaged in colouring Orange colour objects worksheets. JrKG students also made fork painting Lion's face . Our little ones of Nursery happily participated on paper sticking activity on orange fruit shape paper plate. The celebration ended with lots of fun.