NKES CCDC Makarsankranti Celebration

The KG section of NKES school celebrated Makarsankranti virtually on 13th January 2022 with great zeal. All the KG section teachers explained students about the first festival of the year, "Makarsankranti ". Teacher explained, On Makarsankranti people fly kites, wear black colour clothes, eat sesame jaggery laddoos and sugar mimosa balls.All the students were listening to the teachers curiously. Teacher showed mouth salivating sugar mimosa balls to all the students . SrKG, JrKG and Nursery students made various creative activities like "Paper kites". Students also made beautiful Kites drawing and made collage of Kites. All the teachers and students after the Kites activity sung rhyme on Kites. All the students and their parents enjoyed the Kite activities a lot. The celebration ended with lots of blissful memories.