Annual Report CCDC



“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

N.K.E.S C.C.D.C ‘S mission is to provide an exemplary early childhood programme to in still and foster the social , emotional, physical and intellectual growth of children.

Pre-school is the first place where the child builds his/her self-esteem. A child learns the importance of his own surrounding, name, things and friends. Every child learns to communicate with  teachers and fellow students in the School. It is the right place for the child’s foundation learning & the skills and knowledge that the child develops in the Pre School have a great impact on the aptitude and attitude of the child.  Young children learn best, when they have an opportunity to interact with their classmates. They grow &  bloom well in a tension free environment, Child comprehens and learns better if introduced to new things in small portions & feels from known to unknown.

Thanks to the commitment and hard work of all  the teacher who are in a position to give their pupils such a diverse and activity based education.

The academic year  began in June when students were given a warm welcome by the teachers as they took a first step to formal education.



  • A good head start for learning
  • Teaching in a fun filled way play method
  • Putting children on a path of  activity & interactive learning
  •  Development of  language and mathematical skills.
  •  Opportunity to develop social skills.
  • Exposure &  enhance communication skills.

In order to fulfil these objectives a host of activities were conducted.  The Glimpse of few of them are;

Colour Day : To make the concept of colours clear in the minds of the toddlers different coloured days were observed along with many activities depicting the importance of each colour.

Festivals and celebration: Celebrating events and festivals in school ‘s has become an integral part of learning and building a strong cultural belief in a child. Children will remember an important day only if they are made a part of the celebration and  told what the occasion signifies. Children celebrated the following festivals in a fun filled  manner.

Ashadi Ekdashi, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Independence Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas

Health Check ups and Vaccination: As we are concerned about the health of our tiny tots health check up and vaccination drive was arranged for the students.

Activities: School activities are designed for developing life skills such as  independence, practicing  fine-motor skills,  fostering self-confidence ,co-operation etc .Some of the activities in which students participated and got hands on experience were Sandwich making , Fancy Dress  and tree plantation.Sports: The enhancement of physical and mental development of children is certainly the most important contribution of sports for children. Sport is quite beneficial for children too: by playing sports children develop physical skills, exercise, make new friends, have fun, learn to be a team member, learn about play fair, improve self-esteem, etc. Hence Annual sports were organized on 5th and 6th December, 2018.

Picnic: Spending time outdoors, basking in nature, the pure air invigorates kids and leaves them feeling rejuvenated.The tiny tots  of Nursery and Jr. KG experienced the same at Priyadarshani Park And the Sr. KG students at Royal Garden Resort.

Pillars of Pre-School:

  1. Mrs.  Mary Gabriel
  2. Mrs. Harjit Kaur Rajpal
  3. Miss. Vaishali Shinde
  4. Mrs. Vaishali  Chadha
  5. Mrs . Reena Kamble

We thank the management & Coordinator  Smt.   Vidya Shanbag for their support.