Pink Day and Children's Day celebration

NKES CCDC Pink Day and Children's Day celebration : The KG section of NKES celebrated Pink Day and Children's Day on 14th November and 15th November. All the students were dressed in shiny pink attires and adorable shoes. The young ones looked charismatic in the pink attires. The teachers too dressed up  elegantly in pink. The classrooms were beautifully decorated by pink colour balloons,  objects and charts. Children were given a thorough understanding about pink colour through different pink colour things and pictures. The tiny tots of Nursery made candy ice-cream activity joyfully as ice cream is all time kids favourite. JrKG kids were busy making pink paper flowers with icecream sticks. The little ones of SrKG were engaged in making pink paper strawberry candy ice-cream. Students also coloured pink objects worksheets.
On the other hand teacher also displayed Children's Day chart. Teachers explained students,  The first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru birthday is celebrated as Children's Day because Chacha Nehru was fond of small children . School distributed snacks to students. Students along with teachers joyfully sang songs. The day ended with lots of fun and memories.