NKES CCDC Ganpati celebration 2021

This year KG section of NKES celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi virtually on 9th September 2021 in a very different way. 
Teachers started the celebration with Guru Brahma and some sholkas. Then teachers explained the students the reason behind celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Teachers also explained students about The Lord Shiva and Parvati  who are the parents of  Lord Ganesha and also about Ganesha's brother Karthik. Teachers shared some information about Lord Ganesha, that  he likes Modak very much to eat and Rat is Ganesha's  favourite Vahana(vehicle.)Hibiscus flower and green grass (Durva)is offered to Lord Ganesha idol. 
Srkg and Jrkg made hand puppet activity of Ganpati Bappa and nursery kids made Ganpati Bappa out of paper sticking . All the KG section students also made colourful and wonderful modak drawing and also coloured and decorated Ganpati Bappa worksheet.
After the activity was done teachers performed Ganpati Aarti followed by Ganpati Stotra. All the students and parents actively participated in the online Aarti. 
The celebration ended with lots of memories and all the students along with the teachers said Ganpati Bappa Mourya, Mangal Murti Mourya. Pudchya Varshi Lavkar Ya.