Garja Maharashtra Competition Winners

Garja Maharashtra.-State level online video uploading competition 
Date -20/5/2021
Topic -History, art, culture, tradition, tourism and eminent personalities of Maharashtra. 
Format -speech, dancing, singing, drawing, etc. 
55students of NkES primary school participated in the above competition and won the following prizes. 
1.Smart school -school prize 
2.Sanskriti Patil of 1a won the 3rd prize 
Consolation prizes 
1.Tanishka Patil -4a
2.Sanskriti Bhayedekar -2b
3.Rajveer Karanje -1a
Kudos to all the winners
Video of Winning Performances -
Sanskriti Patil std 1-  3rd prize  Click Here to watch now 
Consolation prizes
1) Tanishka patil 4a -  Click Here to watch now  
2) Rajveer Karanje std 1 a -  Click Here to watch now 
3) Sanskriti Bhayedekar -2 b  -  Click Here to watch now