NKES CCDC SrKG section Picnic 2024

After the intensive studies , school organised picnic for SrKG section at Tikuji Ni Wadi Amusement Park on 5th January. We started at 9:00 am in the morning. All the students were singing songs in the bus till they reached their most awaited Amusement Park.  After reaching the picnic spot , all the students were served hot and delicious breakfast. All the kids were surprised to see various thrilling and challenging rides.The students and teachers enjoyed the various fun rides and had a gala time. The students happiness increased by leaps and bounds after playing all the challenging rides. Later in the afternoon ,lunch was served to all the children. All the kids relished the lip smacking food served to them. Students were spell bound to see Dinosaur Park. In the last, the students were given icecream, relished under the peaceful shade of chikoo trees of Tikuji Ni Wadi resort. Overall the trip was a very refreshing one and rejuvenated the students.





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