Yellow Colour Day Celebration (2022-23)

NKES CCDC Yellow Colour Day Celebration (2022-23) :

Yellow colour is associated with happiness, warmth and sunshine. Our KG section of NKES celebrated Yellow Day with the tiny tots of Nursery, JrKG and SrKG. A day dedicated to the colour yellow was marked with cheerful children attired in different hues and tints of yellow outfits. Children were not only beautifully dressed in yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete Yellow Day. Various Yellow objects were displayed by the teachers. Tiffins were filled with Bananas, Maggi and other yellow eatables. Attractive yellow coloured toys like cars, teddy bear, dolls, balls and balloons. A garden with paper sunflowers was also set up in the KG classrooms. Focusing on the theme the teachers planned various art activities. Nursery was engaged in activities like  Finger painting on corn worksheets and Colouring Sun. JrKG was engaged in activities like Thumb painting on Mango worksheets and Colouring Duck. SrKG was engaged in Making  Sun Puppet and Drawing and Colouring Sun. The motive of these activities was to develop fine motor skills in the students. KG section spent the day with utmost enjoyment.