SSC Farewell Report: N.K.E.S. High School, 15th February

The SSC Farewell at N.K.E.S. High School was a memorable event, marked by heartfelt emotions and joyful celebrations. The program commenced with a soulful prayer song, setting a reflective tone for the evening. Mrs. Umamaheshwari, the Principal, addressed the SSC students, reminiscing about their journey and encouraging them for their future endeavors.
A highlight of the day was the speeches by a few tenth-grade students, who shared their experiences and memories from their time at the school. Their words were filled with gratitude and nostalgia, resonating with everyone present. The Management Committee also addressed the tenth-grade students, offering words of wisdom and guidance for their future.
The cultural performances added a vibrant touch to the event, with the ninth-grade students presenting mesmerizing dance performances on themes related to farewell, inspiration, and motivation for the upcoming exams. Their performances were a testament to their talent and dedication.
To culminate the evening, a delicious spread of pav bhaji and dessert was served, creating a jovial atmosphere for all to enjoy. Additionally, the students were given a small token of gift as a souvenir, symbolizing the cherished memories they will carry with them from their time at N.K.E.S. High School.
The SSC Farewell at N.K.E.S. High School was a fitting tribute to the graduating students, celebrating their achievements and sending them off with warm wishes for a bright future.