NKES CCDC Ashadi Ekadashi Celebration 2022-23

The shower of monsoon brings with its various religious festivals in a row and Ashadi Ekadashi stands first in the row. The KG section of NKES celebrated Ashadi Ekdashi on 8th July with great enthusiasm. The children came to school dressed up as little Warkaris carrying Cymbals in their hands and wearing Holy Basil rosary around their neck. Girls wore 9 yards sarees and Basil pot on their head. Selective students were dressed as Lord Vitthal and Rakhumai. The school premises were full of these little Warkaris. Students along with their class teachers and KG coordinator sang Lord Vitthalla's various songs like "Ya Vitthucha Gajar Hari Namacha Zenda Rovila", "Vitthal Vitthal", Kanada O Vitthalu Karnataku" and Lord Vitthal Aartis. Vitthal Wari was taken out by Teachers and students. The teachers explained students about the festival Ashadi Ekadashi and about Pandharpur Yatra. Celebration ended with lots of memories.