NKES CCDC Pink Day Celebration Nov 2023

The KG section of NKES celebrated Pink Day on 30th November to acquaint the little buds with the concept of Pink colour. All the teachers & students were dressed up elegantly in different shades of pink. All the students looked charismatic in their pink attires. The classrooms were embellished in pink using pink charts, pink balloons and pink objects. The corridors were decorated with Pink objects photo frame. Students gave good pose for the photos. Children were given a thorough understanding about pink colour through displaying different pink things & fun-filled activities. All the KG section students coloured pink objects worksheet. The little ones of Nursery made pink Cup cakes from pink paper, while JrKG kids happily made pink paper Jelly Fish activity. All the SrKG children got engaged in making paper &  ice cream stick's  candy icecream and also wonderfully drew and coloured Pink cake.The activities helped in exercising their gross motor skills. The children enjoyed all the activities . Thus, the purpose of Pink colour day celebration was memorable and successfully fulfilled.





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