NKES CCDC Ashadi Ekadashi Celebration 2020-21

NKES CCDC Ashadi Ekadashi Celebration 2020-21:
On 20th July 2021, the festival of Ashadi Ekadashi was celebrated over the online session with great enthusiasm by the preprimary  section of NKES. Selective students were attired in traditional costumes as"warkaris".Some students were dressed as " Vitthal Rakhumai ".
The respective class teachers explained to the students the importance of Ashadi Ekadashi.The  students listened attentively. The students along with the teachers recited Bhajans and Abhangas like " Ya Vithucha Gajar Harinamacha Jhenda Rovila " , " Vitthal Vitthal Jai Hari Vitthal". All the teachers and students were  filled with spirituality. " Ashadi Ekadashi" celebration encouraged the students to participate in the rich cultural traditions of our country and know more about their heritage.