Center for Child Development & Care is aimed at the development of the children of age group of 3 - 5 yrs.  The Center aims at providing all round physical & mental development of the child. The children learn to communicate, play and interact.  The tutor provides them with activity and materials to motivate them to learn to understand their environment,  communicate, recognize, read & write and speak. They also learn to sing & dance and socialize with their age. The teachers' friendly atmosphere help the child to adjust to be a part of friends & family, to share & care. The center mainly provides them their first opportunity to play, interact with their group on regular basis and help them to develop healthy habits, speech and become good citizens of this world.


Curriculum is structured by the teacher according to the age.  The learning style is highly interactive. The activities are child centered which include worksheets on graded pattern, building blocks & games which largely allows the children to be active & responsible. The teaching/learning process initiates the child to actively participate and respond to the activity. The activity is structured through verbal, numerical skills and popular themes and rhymes for expression.

The Curriculum aims to develop:-

  1. Successful learner
  2. Confident individual
  3. Responsible citizen
  4. Effective contributor
  5. A good team player


  1. To develop good & healthy habits. Build up basic skills necessary for personal adjustments, such as dressing, speaking, eating & playing habits.
  2. To develop good desirable social attitudes, manners, healthy participation.
  3. To encourage aesthetic appreciation through music, dance, drawing & painting.
  4. To stimulate the child’s intellectual curiosities concerning his immediate environment.
  5. To encourage the child’s independence and creativity by providing opportunities.