Gurupournima celebration


The festival of Guru Pournima is celebrated with much gust and galore throughout India. it is a day when the students or the disciples celebrate the role of their guru in their life. This festival is normally celebrated in the month of Ashadh on a full moon day. The gurumuni Vyas was born on that day so the Guru pournima also known as Vyas Pournima. On this day various speeches are read out from the purans and recall the Gita which tells us how important the guru is in our lives.


The students from class V to VII of N.K.E.S.High School celebrated the Guru Pournima on 16th July ,2019 by acknowledgement and giving credits to the teachers. The role which they played in the life of the students.

The program commenced with the ‘Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu shlokas followed by Marathi song ‘Guru ne dila dnyanrupi vasa…..’

After that there were speeches about the importance of Guru’s in our lives in English, Hindi and Kannada by Master Rudra Patwal from class VI – B, Master Jahed Khan from class VI –A and Miss Eshwari Dhangar from class VI- C respectively.

 After that the Headmistress Smt. Uma Mheshwari  gave a motivational speech and few tips to the students.

After all these speeches the celebration finally came to end in an interesting way  i.e. by showing an animated movie of Lord Ganesh and Maharshi Vyasa. All students really enjoyed the movie as it was interesting as well as informative.