NKES CCDC Makarsankranti, Black and Brown colour Day celebration

The pre primary classes of NKES celebrated Makarsankranti, Black and Brown colour Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. All the teachers and students were dressed in Black and Brown attires. Teachers displayed various objects related to black and brown colour. Classrooms were decorated with black and brown colour objects, charts and balloons. Teachers explained about the Makarsankranti festival to all the students.All the students were given sugar mimosa balls and jaggery sesame laddoos. SrKG,  JrKG and Nursery kids enjoyed colouring Black and Brown colour objects worksheets. JrKG children made Owl with paper plate. SrKG beautifully coloured kites worksheets and also made colourful and decorative kites. Kites making activity also reinforced the concept of Sankaranti where people worship the Sun God and fly kites during this festival. All the students understood the importance of how and why the festival is celebrated. The day ended with lots of wonderful memories.