NKES CCDC Teacher's Day Celebration 2021

"The parents are the first teachers and the teachers are the second parents who shape the future of students".
To show Gratitude towards the teachers effort and guidance as a mentor, students feels that it's an opportunity to express their love and respect towards teacher's efforts so they celebrate teachers day every year. 
This year also for making the teachers feel special, the students of KG section prepared varieties of beautiful, innovative and creative greeting cards wishing teachers " Happy Teacher's Day". On 3rd September the Teachers Day celebration was done virtually. The celebration started by welcoming teachers followed by Guru Brahma. Students were cheering teachers by singing songs, few students dressed and enacted like teachers. The teachers also sung songs and had a lots of fun. Teachers explained students the importance of Teachers (Guru ) in students life . Teachers explained students DR. Radhakrishnan birth anniversary is celebrated as Teacher's Day. Beautifully designed "Happy Teacher's Day " greeting cards were displayed by students during online session to make feel teachers proud on that day. 
The Teachers appreciated students and their parents for their valuable participation and efforts. The celebration ended with a vote of thanks which were given by teachers.