Tie and Saree Day Celebration

The day that we all await to flaunt our elegant sarees and stylish suits with ties is ‘Tie and Saree Day’. The saree is a symbol of tradition, the most representative traditional clothing of the Indian subcontinent and a necktie, or simply a tie is commonly used in the western country when bind together, gives a sense of tradition as well as contemporaneity.
Jr. College celebrated the Tie and Saree Day on 22 nd December 2023. The event witnessed the students donning elegant formal wear and colourful sarees,  prticipating in ramp walks and energetic dance performances. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and energy as the students showcased their colourful outfits and talents on the stage. This celebration was not only helped to promote the specific attire but also reverberated an opportunity for students to express themselves through their unique sense of style and creativity. Overall, Tie and Saree Day celebration was a huge success, creating a fun and engaging experience for everyone present.