Karo Yog Raho Nirog

International yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2023 for class 5 to 7 in the afternoon session.
Yoga  is a culture of physical, mental and spiritual discipline perfected in India and it is practiced all over the world today. Yoga sessions were  arranged for classes 5 to 7 in the sequential manner one after the other. School committee Hon.Gen. Secretary Smt. Padmaja Madam and Trustee member Shri Anant Banvasi Sir graced the occasion and guided the students.
Yoga session started with a prayer followed by warm up exercise. Different yoga poses like Parvathasan ,Vukshasan, Tadasan Trikonasan, and Bhujangasan.
Surya namaskar steps were demonstrated properly by the teachers. At the end, Pranayam was practiced with proper guidance. The entire session was conducted by Mrs Shakuntala wagh (PT teacher ) and helped by all the teachers.