NKES CCDC White Day celebration

NKES KG section celebrated virtual White Day on 18th August 2021 with great zeal. All the teachers and students were dressed in White attires. Many students decorated their house with white colour objects and white balloons. The day began with chanting prayers, shlokas and warm up exercises. The day continued with singing white colour song and doing given creative activities. SrKG was busy in cotton sticking activity on rabbit worksheet. JrKG was engaged in cotton sticking activity on sheep worksheet. Nursery class was happily sticking cotton on rabbit worksheet as this activity was totally new for them. Teachers showed different white colour objects and things  and also displayed White colour chart to teach children white colour .Students also showed one by one different White objects and things to the teacher. Students were given instructions to eat or drink White colour things like bread, banana or milk. During online class students drank Milk and said  " Milk is white " as instructed by teachers. Overall it was fun celebrating White Day.