Primary Activities

Grand Parents Day : -  Grandparents are the senior members of our family. They support, guide , motivate and encourage us in the daily affairs of the family especially small kids. In order to honour and to show our love and respect for them we celebrated Grandparents Day on 30th July, 2016. The grandparents gathered in large numbers and were in tears when their grandchildren showered their affection on them. It was a day to remember for each and everyone present.





Rakshabandhan :-      The students and staff of NKES Primary School celebrated Rakshabandhan in a unique way. We visited the orphanage for children in Matunga and tied rakhiis for the boys and distributed sweets, notebooks, Pens and pencils to them. It was a pleasant surprise for the Children in the orphanage to see the First Std kids of NKES.

We also visited the Matunga Police station and tied rakhis to the  men in Uniform and distributed sweets, Thus it was a day of Great joy and fun.





Gokulashtami :-          It was celebrated on 24th August,2016. Children were dressed up as Radhas & Krishnas and played to the tune of music. Then they also broke the Dahi – Handi. The Children & staff enjoyed their fullest.